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Even the most accomplished individuals sometimes come to a point in which they begin to dread showing up to work. Call it burnout, boredom, or whatever you want, but the fact of the matter is that many individuals will face this point in their careers at some point. 

When young adults first enter the full-time workforce, it can seem daunting to picture the next 40 years of their lives working. However, there are some tactics to reshape your view of work so that you can wake up each day with a renewed purpose.

Establish a Fun Morning Routine

Many individuals dread having to hear their alarm clock go off in the morning, only anticipating their hand hitting the snooze button as many times as they can before making themselves late to work. Because of the ways that many workers begin their days, they are not putting themselves in a positive mindset to accomplish the day’s goals. 

One way to begin reversing this is to start romanticizing your morning routine a bit more. Rather than making it a time of rushing, try waking up earlier to take some time for activities you actually enjoy. Brew some homemade coffee, work on a puzzle for ten minutes to stimulate your brain, or even indulge in some morning cartoons with a bowl of cereal. Whatever it is that will start your day off better, make sure to do it. This can have significant effects on the rest of your day.

Make Work Friends

Your work relationships can have a significant impact on how you view work. Even in a mundane role, if you have friendships with your coworkers, then you will be much more likely to look forward to showing up to work each day. Especially if you are someone in charge of hiring for your company, think of your company culture and the type of employees that would benefit your organization and overall culture. Establishing these relationships can give you a nice, conversational break throughout the day and help motivate you to be more productive throughout the day.

Try Not to Complain

Complaining over little things in your everyday work life can really add up over time. Nobody likes to be around a negative coworker, and you don’t want to be the culprit of creating a hostile workplace culture. The more positively you try to view your work, the more positive you will actually feel about it. Sometimes there might be a valid complaint that takes some tending to, but try to complain as little as possible if you wish to reshape your view of work.